The Stories Behind Our Gifts


Our gifts are made by great local businesses and non-profit organizations who work hard to bring you beautiful products that are both environmentally friendly and socially conscious. By buying their products you are supporting important causes and initiatives.

Ma'arag Day Center is a project of the Cochav Organization, a unique initiative for young adults with disabilities, who design and produce a range of decorative household goods, kitchenware and textiles. "Ma'arag" provides its participants with work based on three key elements: rehabilitation, a communal work experience and tourism. The enterprise incorporates several vocational workshops including ceramics, textiles, carpentry, laser-cutting and a digital studio.  

DuArt offers a wide selection of gifts and stationery created from recycled paper, natural fibres, glass and fabrics. Suitable for festivals, holidays and all kinds of events, DuArt's products can also incorporate a logo or a personal message for special functions such as weddings and corporate events. The extensive range of stationery is also a perfect giveaway gift for seminars, exhibitions and conferences. DuArt was founded by women members of a kibbutz in Northern Israel.

Indimaj is an Arabic word meaning Fusion, and it aptly describes this young and exciting jewellery company. The Indimaj project is part of a unique initiative that was set up by an Israeli industrialist and entrepreneur. It was founded on the principle that when people study and work together, they will build positive and mutually respectful relationships. Indimaj is living proof that people from different cultural backgrounds can create beautiful pieces of jewellery together.

Orly Rabinowitz makes distinctive household goods and ornaments with polymer clay designs (FIMO). She decorates glass dishes, salt shakers, soap dispensers and various bowls in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. In the early stages of the design process, Orly collaborates with adults with disabilities, providing them with valuable work experience and Orly with valuable help. All of Orly's products are made with love and care and are vibrant and colourful additions to any household.

Sindyanna of Galilee produces Fair Trade olive oil, olive oil soaps and traditional local herbs. Sindyanna is Israel's only certified Fair Trade association marketing olive oil produced by local Arab farmers while providing jobs for Arab women and teaching them crafts to increase their income. All profits are reinvested into initiatives for women's empowerment and Jewish-Arab cooperation. What began as a mission of forming the "missing link" between the Arab farmer and the Israeli market, has evolved into deep friendships between Arab and Jewish women cooperating towards a mutual goal.

Arcuti Rehabilitation Workshop is one of the enterprises of The “Shekulo Tov Group”, a nonprofit organization. They facilitate work mobility by proposing a wide range of diverse Vocational learning and training opportunities along with supported employment services. Factories are spread throughout Israel and provide a secure workspace for people who are emotionally challenged. The workshops provide them with a place to rehabilitate and acquire skills that prepare them for the job market.  All Arcuti products are handmade from 100% natural materials.