The Cutest Olive Oil Gift Set Ever - Three 100 ml Bottles

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  • The olives for our award-winning extra-virgin olive oils are cultivated in groves nestled amid the hills and valleys of the Galilee in northern Israel. Within hours of being picked, the olives are stored in air-tight churns to capture their fresh flavor and aroma.
  • Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set is made up of three different varieties, including our Premium Organic Oil, House Blend & Barne'a strain.
  • Ideal for everyday cooking - Our extra virgin olive oil varieties are versatile. Drizzle them on salads to transform your seasonings, or simply sprinkle them on cheese and bread. Savor them with pasta or pair them with fish, lamb or poultry. Our olive oils perfectly match a wide range of dishes and to enhance your family's healthy lifestyle.
  • This highest quality olive oil comes in a convenient Gift-Pack. The bottles come with specially designed labels that were created by Jewish and Arab children, expressing their desire for Peace, Unity and Hope. 


The Story behind this product

Sindyanna of the Galilee produces Fair Trade Olive Oil, Olive Oil soaps and traditional local herbs. Sindyanna is Israel's only certified Fair-Trade association marketing Olive Oil produced by local Arab farmers while providing jobs for Arab women and teaching them crafts to increase their income. All profits are reinvested into initiatives for women's empowerment and Jewish-Arab cooperation. What began as a mission of forming the "missing link" between the Arab farmer and the Israeli market, has evolved into deep friendships between Arab and Jewish women cooperating towards a mutual goal.