Hamsa Candle

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Colourful hamsa candles. The Hamsa is a gift that brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. A perfect "Give Away" gift for SpecialEvents such as Weddings, Bar/Batmizvahs or Business Conferences. A minimum order of 30 pieces is required.

The Story behind this product

Aliza is a female entrepreneur who has developed her own cottage industry in the Galilee where she makes and designs unique handmade candles and candle holders, printed with a personal message, photograph, drawing or logo. A wonderful gift for special occasions – Weddings Bar/Bat mitzvahs and Cooperate Events. Aliza explains that for her, candles have a deep symbolic meaning. They represent our souls, they provide warmth, light and guidance. Candles create a mood and ambience. The perfect gift for friends and family, or just indulge yourself.