Hamsa Wall Hanging

"Hamsa" Wall Hanging With A Blessing

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Decorative Hamsa wall hanging inlaid with partridges and fish with the inscription "Bless This House".  Also available:  "Bless This Workplace" in Hebrew or English.

The Hamsa Hand is a popular Jewish symbol depicting five fingers that serves as a reminder of the metaphorical Hand of God. The Hamsa is most commonly used as a sign of protection to defend against negative spiritual forces, colloquially known as the evil eye. In Kabbalah, the Hamsa represents the hand of the Creator, which is the ultimate defense against all evil. The Hamsa also signifies blessings, strength, and power, and is commonly placed near doorways of the home. 

The Story behind this product

Made at a small Israeli business founded by women members of a kibbutz in Northern Israel. The initiative offers a wide selection of gifts and stationery created from recycled paper, natural fibres, glass and fabrics. Suitable for festivals, holidays and all kinds of events, these products can also incorporate a logo or a personal message for special functions such as weddings and corporate events. The extensive range of stationery is also a perfect giveaway gift for seminars, exhibitions and conferences.